USBF Championships

The USBF Championships are well underway in Schaumburg IL. Congratulations to the NICKELL team (Nick Nickell–Ralph Katz; Steve Weinstein–Bobby Levin; Geoff Hampson–Eric Greco), who won USA1 for the 2021 Bermuda Bowl, scheduled to be played in March 2022 in Salsomaggiore, Italy. They defeated the SPECTOR team (Warren Spector, Gavin Wolpert, John Kranyak, Kevin Bathurst, John Hurd), 220-199 in the USA1 final. SPECTOR defeated BRAMLEY (Bart Bramley–Kit Woolsey; Mike Becker–Michael Kamil; Hemant Lall–Peter Weichsel), 255-215 to claim the USA2 spot.

In the Women’s event, WITTES (Pam Wittes, Shawn Quinn, Cheri Bjerkan, Rozanne Pollack, Emma Kolesnik, Amber Lin) defeated BAKER (Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum, Kerri Sanborn, Jill Meyers, Janice Molson, Disa Eythorsdottir) 262-223 in the USA1 final.

The Women’s USA2 final continues Wednesday and Thursday, (October 13–14), with BAKER taking on COLE (Margie Cole, Jenny Wolpert, Shannon Cappelletti, Sandra Rimstedt, Irina Levitina), and then the Mixed and Senior events will begin. Delayed kibitzing is being provided on LoveBridge and, when available, live commentary on TwitchTV at delayed_1_open.

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