Several things to remind you about today! It’s almost too bad it’s March because “September” would rhyme with “remember.” Our utter delight in the return of spring – and the Spring NABC – completely outweighs that, though.

Just a Few Days ‘til the Reno NABC

We hope you’ll be joining us in “The Biggest Little City in the World” this month! We (Re?)know it’s going to be a lot of fun.

But if you can’t make it, you can still follow along with all the action at home. Links to the Daily Bulletins will be posted on our homepage (www.acbl.org in case you forgot somehow), and there will be some great footage on our Facebook page, too.

You Botter Believe It

More news if you’re not going to Reno this month – you could still win an NABC title! The Spring NABC Robot Individual takes place this weekend (March 5-7, Fri.-Mon.), and an NABC title – plus gold points – are up for grabs.

This online event is stratified, so you’ll be playing with others at your same masterpoint® level. Which equals a better shot at those gold points!

Bringing More Fans into the Fold

The next wave of ACBL Intro to Bridge courses will begin in a few weeks! Tell your friends and family about this interactive online course that gets them started on their bridge journey. There are lots of class times to choose from.

This 10-session class has created tons of new bridge fans. ACBL Intro to Bridge definitely gets ‘em hooked!

The entire course is just $50! And it includes a free 90-day trial of Shark Bridge. Send them to this link to sign up.

Phone/Email Scams

Note that ACBL has no 1-800 numbers. There is a 1-888 number if you are calling from Canada, but in all other circumstances, you will need to use a 1-662 number.

Here are the official numbers:

  • 662-253-3100 – Main Line
  • 662-253-3191 – Member Services
  • 662-253-3181 – Club Support
  • 888-219-9901 – Canada

Sadly, there are scammers out there who may answer any old 1-800 numbers the ACBL previously had and ask for bank information. Please be careful and only use the official numbers.

Additionally, please be careful about email scams. No one from the ACBL will ever ask for gift cards or banking information in an email. This includes district/unit officers. You can read more about what to look out for on our website.

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