Speakeasy – Supersized Edition

Take a seat! This is kind of a long-ish Speakeasy. So much is going on and coming up! Bridge, swag, storytelling, bridge, Hall of Fame inductees and more bridge!

Grand Slam Member Appreciation Day Coming Soon

socksYour next chance to win some ACBL swag will be on June 1 ! All the prizes from our last event are back­socks, mugs, journals, duffel bag, cooler bag!

On June 1, you can earn 13 entries for these prizes in the Grand Slam Member Appreciation Day. (Get it? 13 entries because you take 13 tricks in a grand slam!) We’ll send out all the details in an email soon, so keep an eye out!

Our (Grass) Roots are Showing

grassroots eventGrass Roots Weekend (the virtual club event) is over, but there’s still plenty of time for your local face-to-face club to hold Grass Roots fundraising games!

Talk to your club manager and find out when they’ll be holding one of these special games.

[box] Looking for a place to play a face-to-face game? Check out our Find a Club directory and Find a Tournament calendar! There’s nothing quite like in-person bridge.

A Great Introduction to Bridge

intro to bridge thumbnailSo far, more than 1300 students have graduated from
ACBL Intro to Bridge (mostly from U.S. and Canada, but also students from 12 other countries). The 10-week online course is being called “absolutely great,” “very helpful” and “an outstanding approach.”

More sessions begin in June, so spread the word! Let’s grow our community of bridge fans! Send your friends and family to the ACBL Intro to Bridge page.

Hall of Fame, Summer Session

HOFThere’s an amazing list of bridge legends who will be inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame this year! Because of the NABC hiatus, we are having two induction ceremonies, one at the Summer NABC and one at the Fall NABC.

Join us in Providence for the inductions of: Larry Cohen, Marty Bergen, Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer, John Sutherlin and Sol Weinstein. Part 1 will also feature Team Scotland receiving the 2021 Sidney H. Lazard Jr. Sportsmanship award.

Tickets for Part 1 are on sale now. Get yours today as seating is limited!

Youth NABC will be in the Summer, Too

ynabclogoThe Summer NABC will be huge! Another event being held in conjunction with it is the Youth NABC (JulY. 21-23), and time to pre-register is running out. Deadline is June 15!

Why should youth pre-register? Because you’ll for sure get an exclusive T-shirt in your size (and our Youth NABC T-shirts are always amazing).

Have a Great NABC Story?

The North American Bridge Championships (a.k.a., the NABCs) are truly spectacular events. Wall-to-wall bridge over 10 days with players from around the world. But that’s only part of the story.

Many of you have had unique experiences at an NABC. We’ve heard tales of people who go every year, players who have made a love match at the table, father-and-son duos crossing the country, event winners who are still in school, first-time tournament attendees – all incredibly fascinating!

Do you have an NABC story to share? Let us know! Fill out this form and tell us about the interesting things that have happened to you at these mega-events .

Let Us Know Your Challenges

TLDIf you’ve been reading our ACBL Speakeasy newsletters lately, you’ll have seen that we are collecting your stories about how Alzheimer’s disease has affected you and your loved ones.

Today we’d like to hear about your biggest frustrations, obstacles or emotional challenges of having a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Click here to share your story.

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