Learn Today’s Bridge ABCs!

No, we’re not talking about the fundamentals of the game. We’re making new bridge-themed meanings for the alphabetic building blocks, A, B & C. So, pull up a seat and check out our new “ABCs of Bridge.”

April. Brings. Charity games.

April is Charity Month in both the face-to-face and virtual clubs! This is your chance to give back to the community simply by playing your favorite game.

We have more details on our website, but to sum it up, you’ll have multiple chances to play in a specially designated Charity Game, and part of the proceeds of these games go to the ACBL Charity Foundation (or, in some cases, another charity chosen by your club). The ACBL Charity Foundation has pledged to dedicate 50 percent of their proceeds (up to $25,000 USD) to UNICEF’s Children in Ukraine fund.

Also! The charity games award upgraded masterpoint awards!

Add. Best Practices. Certification.

Did you know that you move to the top of the Find a Teacher directory when you have Best Practices certification? It’s true! And it’s another reason for you to take the Best Practices Teacher Workshop ASAP.

The next workshop will be at the famous Gatlinburg Regional this month. After completing the course, you’ll have the opportunity to take a certification assessment.

Don’t miss out on your chance to lead the pack! Register for the BP Workshop today.

P.S. Those who complete the course are eligible for special promotions from the ACBL Educational Foundation, including free ABTA membership for a year (new members only), a Bridge Bee module and one of the following: teacher starter kit (cards, boards, bid boxes), 100 Shark Bridge credits or a Vubridge lesson set.

Always. Be. Cruisin’.

We could also call this section the “A-B-Seas” (ha!).

Face-to-face bridge events continue to come roaring back, and this naturally extends to bridge cruises! Regionals at Sea and Sectionals at Sea both offer unique opportunities to travel the globe while playing bridge nearly every day. Most also feature bridge lessons, and all award either gold (regionals) or silver (sectionals) points.

So, if you’ve missed one of our recent emails about these incredible excursions, see the links below or visit our tournament calendar.

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