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Introducing the ACBL Clubhouse!
Online Games Just for You and Black Points Too!

Play online with your peers and earn black masterpoints along the way

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Imagine this: An online game where your opponents are those at your skill level. Where you and your partner feel comfortable competing and it’s at a time convenient to you.

Let us introduce you to the new ACBL Clubhouse, powered by Bridge Base Online.

Currently, you’ll find only limited games in the ACBL Clubhouse, which means each game just allows players who have masterpoints under the top threshold. Here’s what we mean: A 0-20 game is only open to players who have fewer than 20 masterpoints under their belt. A 0-199 game means participants can have as many as 199 masterpoints, but no more than that.

And yes, you will earn full black masterpoints in these games (note that 12-board games earn 60% of full 18 board games)! And during special events, like Stardust Week, you could win silver, red or even gold points! Click here for the Online Special Event Calendar.

NEW! 12-Board ACBL Clubhouse Rewards Games: For a limited time, earn 5 BBO Bucks when you score 50% or higher in all ACBL Clubhouse 0-20 and 49er games– it’s like playing the game for free!

What does it mean to score 50%? It’s when you finish in the top half of the game’s players, and it’s a great achievement!

Games Held Every Day, Throughout the Day

The ACBL Clubhouse is open every day on BBO with multiple opportunities to play, no matter your skill level – whether you only have a couple masterpoints or have as many as 199. Want to keep the competition small? Try a 0-20 game! Looking to play against some bigger fish? Try the 0-199 game!

And if you don’t have a partner, check out the game’s Partnership Desk. Just log on a little early to fill out a request.

Daily Schedule
Interested? Finding the ACBL Clubhouse is Easy!

Just click the button below! Or you can visit the Virtual Club game page if you’re already on Bridge Base Online. In the list of all Virtual Clubs (VACBs), you’ll see games hosted by “ACBL Club” with a teal button.

The next upcoming ACBL Clubhouse game will be at the top of the list, and the remaining games of the day will be nestled into their spot on the VACB schedule.

Visit ACBL Clubhouse
Have a Question? Email us at clubhouse@acbl.org.

Note: You must be an ACBL member and have a Bridge Base Online account to participate. Your ACBL member number needs to be included in your BBO account profile.

The Zoom Room is available Monday through Friday, 3:30 pm-5:30 pm (Eastern).

Getting help is easier than ever with the ACBL Zoom Chat service.
Simply click the "Join Zoom Chat" button below to be taken to our dedicated zoom room.
Once there, click the "Launch Meeting" button to start your session. To hear us and vice-versa - don't forget to "Join with computer audio."

If the Zoom Room isn't available and you need answers, you can email us at membership@acbl.org.

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