July 25-27

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Get Ready for the Collegiate Bridge Bowl in Toronto!
Bridge Bowl Events Schedule
Play with other college students and pull in the prizes at the 2024 Collegiate Bridge Bowl in Toronto! Held from July 25-27, 2024, it’ll be the event of the summer.

At the Bridge Bowl, you’ll meet and compete with students from across the country who share your love for bridge. Plus, you’ll exercise your mind with pair events, team events and even individual events – all awarding masterpoints! There will also be chances to win scholarships, and you’ll get an exclusive free t-shirt.

Team and Pair Travel packages have been awarded, but, even if your school didn’t win a travel package, part of your travel costs could still be covered thanks to a program from the ACBL Educational Foundation – $600 per person!

Don’t wait to apply! Final deadline is June 1, but players are encouraged to apply early to be pre-approved in since there are limited funds. Apply for a travel stipend. Questions about the stipend? Contact the ACBLEF Envelope Link.

Team Tournaments
Team tournaments were held in February and April, and awarded a total of 10 team travel packages. This was an increase over the usual three per tournament that ACBL supports thanks to generous sponsorships from the ACBL Educational Foundation, Mitch Dunitz and Jane Street Capital.

Travel Package winners from the February Team Event:

  • ♠ University of Waterloo – Branta canadensis
  • ♠ University of Chicago – UChicago Bridge
  • ♠ University of California Berkeley – Berkeley
  • ♠ Washington University in St. Louis – Trick 13 Signallers
  • ♠ New York University – NYU Bobcats
  • Travel Package winners from the April Team Event:

    • ♠ Purdue University – Purdue
    • ♠ University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – Illini Orange
    • ♠ Northwestern University – NORTHdealseastWESTvulERNable
    • ♠ University of Virginia – Hoos Playing Bridge
    • ♠ Carleton College – Penguins
Pairs Events

The Stratified Pairs tournament was held on Sunday, April 21, and a Participation event was held from March 15-April 30.

Travel Package winners from the Pairs Events:

  • ♠ Amherst College
  • ♠ Brown University
  • ♠ Carnegie Mellon University
  • ♠ Georgetown University
  • ♠ Georgia Institute of Technology
  • ♠ New York University
  • ♠ Princeton
  • ♠ Trine University
  • ♠ University of California Davis
  • ♠ The University of Alberta
  • ♠ The University of Georgia
  • ♠ University of Wisconsin Madison
  • ♠ Washington University in St. Louis

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