NAOBC Winners

Levine takes Premier KO

Mike Levine, Eddie Wold, Geir Helgemo, Jeff Mecksroth, Eric Rodwell, Tor Helness

The North American Online Bridge Championships debuted in July, holding two events aimed at higher-level players: The Premier Pairs, and the Premier Knockout, an online team game similar to the Spingold which is usually held at the summer NABC.

The second NAOBC Premier KO, held over the last two weekends after Thanksgiving, featured a rematch of the first event’s co-winners: Team Kolesnik (Finn Kolesnik – Jacob Freeman, Bob Hamman – Peter Weichsel, Bart Bramley – Kit Woolsey), a roster that includes four legends teaming with a pair of probable future hall-of-famers, going up against Levine (Mike Levine – Eddie Wold, Jeff Meckstroth – Eric Rodwell, Geir Helgemo – Tor Helness) a team whose players need no introduction, either.

Finn Kolesnik, Jacob Freeman, Bart Bramley, Bob Hamman, Peter Weichsel, Kit Woolsey

Last time, Kolesnik was down 22 IMPs with two boards to go. They came back in a thriller to tie. The two teams unanimously declined a playoff.

It might have taken about four months, but there was a playoff after all. Both teams dispatched their opponents and met again for 56 boards to determine a winner.

It was another nail-biter with the lead changing at the end of each quarter. Team Kolesnik was up by 2 IMPs after three quarters, but Levine outscored Kolesnik 20–7 in the fourth quarter to win by 11 IMPs.


Oest, Caprera win Premier Pairs

Jack Oest, David Caprera

Jack Oest of Chicago and David Caprera of Denver won the Premier Pairs with a score of 63.19%, edging Geoff Hampson of Las Vegas and Ralph Katz of Burr Ridge IL, who finished second with 62.79%.

Oest and Caprera were 18th going into Sunday’s finals, having scored 55.68% and 56.75% in the qualifying sessions. Their second-session scores of 58.79% and 61.32% propelled them to victory.


Geoff Hampson, Ralph Katz

In third were Mark Lair of Canyon TX and Nersi Nazari of Atherton CA with 62.32%.

The Premier Pairs is a four-session pair event with two qualifying sessions on Saturday. Approximately 50% of the field qualified to play in the finals on Sunday.

See results here.


Todd claims 0-5000 KO

Katherine Todd, Marcel Verhaegen, Gabriele Zanasi, Christian Lahrmann, Castor Mann

Team Todd (Katherine Todd – Marcel Verhaegen – Gabriele Zanasi – Christian Lahrmann – Castor Mann) dominated the final of the 0-5000 KO, leading Goulding (Philip Goulding – Craig Biddle – Alan Leaver – Robert Zimmermann – James Fox) throughout. In a monstrous second quarter, Todd outscored Goulding 52-4 to lead 82-25. Goulding cut 12 IMPs from that in the third quarter, but Todd turned the fire back on in the fourth, winning 155-93.


Phil Goulding, Craig Biddle, Robert Zimmerman, Jim Fox, Alan Leaver

Abedi, Mumtaz run away with 0-5000 Pairs

Imran Abedi and Rizwan Mumtaz

Imran Abedi of Kuwait and Rizwan Mumtaz of Plainville CT won the 0-5000 Pairs handily, finishing with a score of 67.01%.

The pair led Saturday’s qualifying sessions with scores of 67.13% and 61.63%. On Sunday they played to scores of 59.51% and 61.59%, adding some distance on the field.



Ashwini Datar and Vilas Namjoshi

Ashwini Datar and Vilas Namjoshi of the San Jose CA area were second with 61.54%, ahead of Ron Karr of Sunnyvale CA and David Neuman of San Francisco, who finished third with 60.77%.

See results here.


Rockoff wins 0-1500 KO

Kyle Rockoff, Daniel Weiss, Sarik Goyal, Gan Yang, Derek Wok, Ben Fisk

Team Rockoff (Kyle Rockoff – Daniel Weiss – Gan Yang – Tak Chun Wong – Sarik Goyal – Ben Fisk) mounted a fierce fourth-quarter comeback to capture the 0-1500 KO. Tied after the first quarter, Ge (Xin Ge – Sarah Chen – Serena Guo – Wanwan Ren – Brandon Ge – Brent Xiao) had a big second quarter to lead 84-36. Rockoff outscored them 40-29 in the third quarter and then 39-6 in the fourth to finish 135-119.



Brandon Ge, Xin Ge, Sarah Chen, Brent Xiao, Serena Guo, Wanwan Ren

Cosmas top 0-1500 Pairs

Marius and Anda Cosma

Anda and Marius Cosma of Ottawa ON scored 68.23% to win the 0-1500 Pairs. They finished well ahead of first-day leaders Mark and Larisa Rappaport of Beverly Hills CA, who finished second with 65.60%.

The Cosmas improved every session, starting with 54.35% in the first qualifying session and 58.74% in the second to qualify in 26th place. They scored 63.44% in the first final session and then closed the deal with a 67.52% second final session.

Mark and Larisa Rappaport

Earlier this year the Cosmas won a mid-flight pairs in an online regional.

Vito Perillo and Beverly Simpson of the Seattle area finished third with 63.03%.

See results here.

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