10K Fast Pairs Winners

Daniel Miles and Justyne Zmuda won the 0–10,000 Fast Pairs.

Fresh off her win in the Whitehead Women’s Pairs, Justyne Zmuda of Poland notched another win, this time with Daniel Miles of Toronto in the 0–10,000 Fast Pairs. They finished half a board ahead of Radu Nistor of Woodside NY and Joan Brody of Livingston NJ.
“She wins everything,” Miles said of Zmuda. “The Polish ladies have done well.”
Zmuda acknowledged she’s having a very good tournament. Asked if it was her time, she simply said yes.

Second in the 0–10,000 Fast Pairs: Radu Nistor and Joan Brody.

After a slow start in the first qualifying session, the pair was consistent through the last three sessions, scoring 58.96%, 58.25% and 57.52%.
“It was my first fast pairs, but it was really fun for me,” Zmuda said. “I’m not a fast player.”
Miles prefers the faster pace. “There’s less waiting around, and it’s nice to have the evening off,” he said.
The pair is hoping to make it back to the winner’s circle one more time in the Mixed Swiss.
Here’s the list of overall winners.

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