Levine Wins Senior KO

Winners of the Baze Senior Knockout Teams: Jerry Clerkin, Mike Passell, Eddie Wold, Dennis Clerkin, Marc Jacobus and team captain Mike Levine.

The team captained by Mike Levine, down 28 at the halfway point of their match with the Nick Nickell squad, rallied in the third quarter to pull to within 1 IMP, then took the final set 36-24 for a 143-132 victory in the Baze Senior Knockout Teams.
Levine was playing with Eddie Wold, Mike Passell, Marc Jacobus and the Clerkin brothers, Dennis and Jerry.

They were second in the Baze Senior Knockout Teams: Team captain Nick Nickell, Ralph Katz, Bobby Levin, Michael Rosenberg, coach Eric Kokish, Jeff Meckstroth and Eric Rodwell.

Nickell captained last year’s winning team and returned to defend the title with a slightly different lineup. Nickell played with Ralph Katz, plus Jeff Meckstroth and Eric Rodwell, but instead of Bob Hamman and Bart Bramley, Michael Rosenberg and Bobby Levin filled out the team.
In the final of the KO, Nickell jumped out to a 31-18 lead after the first set and expanded the advantage to 78-50 halfway through before Levine’s rally.
The win was Levine’s fourth in the Senior KO. The other members of the team now have two wins in the event.

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