It’s your lucky way

Bridge players tend to be eccentric, and the game gives them plenty of reasons to be concerned about their luck, so it’s not surprising that many have superstitions. During Friday’s afternoon session, Daily Bulletin staff wandered through the playing areas asking people this question: “Do you have any superstitious habits that you do for luck while you’re playing bridge?” Here are their answers.

“What don’t I do? I have to wear black in the finals. I got that one from Marty Bergen. I always sit East. When we do well, whoever bought the entry has to buy it again the next day.”
Dori Cohen
Woodbury NY

“If nothing is going right, I stand up and walk around. I like to buy coffee at the same place every time, from the same person if possible. I’ll change clothes in between sessions if it’s bad.”
Jovi Smedereval

“When I win a match, I keep the scoresheet in my pocket.
[pulls scoresheet from pocket] I’ll keep this one for a month. When I lose, I tear it up. I carry no losing scores.”
Dana De Falco

“If I’m doing well, I always wear the same pants again. At one trials I wore the same shirt for 11 days in a row. These are the same pants from yesterday, but they’re not helping.”
Janice Seamon-Molson
Hollywood FL

“If I have a bad set, I don’t mind playing the same opponents, but I’ll switch seats.”
Barry Rigal
New York NY

“I like to sit East-West in the morning and North-South in the afternoon.”
Nancy Speer
Little Rock AR

“I always drink a Coca-Cola before the game. Because it intimidates Pepsi.”
Jacob Freeman
Toronto ON

“After the tournament starts, I won’t cut my hair, shave, trim my beard or nails.”
John Carruthers
Kingsville ON

“I don’t like to be number 4 because in Japan it’s the death number.”
Bonnie Bagley
District 17 director

“I always count my cards the same way. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3.”
Kevin Marnell
Portland OR

“I always write the name of the event I’m playing in on the scoresheet. And I always wear collared shirts.”
Dave Ticen
Victoria TX

“I try to keep using the same pencil as long as I’m doing well and switch if I’m doing bad.”
Kim Gilman
Carlisle MA

“If I wear my hair a certain way and have a good game, I’ll wear my hair the same way the next day.”
Kim Eng
Issaquah WA

“I’ll bid aggressively early to see if the cards are going to be favorable that day, then adjust.”
Jim Munday
Southaven MS

“I try to find the perfect pen. I’ll test pens at sectionals to see if I win with them.”
Nancy Boyd
Director of Bridge Operations

“I like to sit East. I sat East the first session of duplicate I played and I liked it. Also, 6 always makes.”
Bart Bramley
Dallas TX

“I always sit North and East.”
Russ Jones
ACBL President

“No, I just show up.”
Tolliver McKinney
Memphis TN

“I never revoke, because it’s bad luck.”
McKenzie Myers
Tournament director

“I always wear my lucky bracelet.”
Mary Gilmore
Meridian MS

“As a team, if we lose, we change directions.”
Carlos Pellegrini

“If I’m doing well, I have to use the same pen.”
Sandy DeMartino
Goodwill Committee chair

“No. None.”
Bob Hamman
Dallas TX

“No, but that just gave me a new idea. I need to get one.”
Kathy Williams
New York NY

“I’ve been wearing the same underwear all week. Not really.”
Matthew Gordon
Huntington NY

“Board 13 has a slam in it more often than any other.”
Carroll Frogge
Kansas City MO

“I keep using the same scoresheet if I win. If I lose, I get a new one.”
Patsy Cayne
Boca Raton FL

“When I count my cards, it has to be 5–5–3. I won’t count any other way.”
Greg Coles
Tournament director

“If I’m doing well in one shirt, I’ll wear it again.”
Eric Sieg
Seattle WA

“You better not, because this isn’t gambling, it’s bridge.”
Kathy Duggan
Knoxville TN

“Always check Blackwood –don’t bid seven missing an ace.”
Zia Mahmood
New York NY

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