“Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate”

The rivalry between Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia, nicknamed Clean, Old Fashioned Hate, is one of the oldest and most heated in college football. The annual game between the two schools has been cancelled due to COVID-19, so this channel for releasing mutual hostility was lost in the middle of an already extremely tense semester. Thankfully, the bridge clubs of both schools have stepped up to keep the spirit of the rivalry alive at the bridge table!

The 32-board match, the first between the two teams, will be held on Bridge Base Online when the football game was originally scheduled for: Saturday, November 28th at 7:30pm. The match will be showcased on the Georgia Tech Bridge Club Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/gtbridgeclub/ with live commentary by Tech’s Sriram Ganesan.

Tech will be rotating a six-man team against UGA’s five-member team. The team rosters include four Life Masters and several players who have represented their country internationally, including the 2020 King of Bridge, Bo Han Zhu.

Fans of both teams, and all supporters of collegiate and youth bridge, are encouraged to tune in to the Twitch stream! We hope to spark interest in collegiate bridge for students unfamiliar to the game in addition to current players, whether as an introduction to bridge or something to have on the screen to shout at.

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