Altus Team Wins 0-10K Swiss

Winners of the 0-10,000 Swiss Teams: Phil Altus, Muriel Altus, Martha Woodworth and Greg Michaels.

The team captained by Phil Altus, in a virtual tie with another squad with a match to go, had to wait for the other team’s result on the final board of the 0-10,000 Swiss Teams to learn their fate. When the result of the other match came in, Altus and company were the winners of the event by 7.79 victory points.
The winners are Altus, his wife, Muriel, Tampa FL; Greg Michaels, Cleveland OH, and Martha Woodworth, San Diego.

Second in the 0-10,000 Swiss Teams: Adam Grossack, Adam Kaplan, Debbie Benner and Arthur Crystal.

Second place went to the team captained by Debbie Benner, of Fairfield CT. She played with Arthur Crystal, also of Fairfield; Adam Grossack, Newton MA, and Adam Kaplan, Stanford CA.
With a round to go, the Altus team was a fraction of a VP ahead of the squad led by Ellen Kent. The Altus team won by enough to score 16.11, lifting their total to 120.32. Meanwhile, The Kent and Benner teams faced off in a match won by Benner by 31 IMPs to finish with 112.53 VPs. Kent dropped to third with 105.48 VPs.
With the victory, Muriel Altus became a Platinum Life Master (10,000 masterpoints).

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