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There once was a fellow named Ridge,
Who spent every day playing bridge.
Deal after deal.
His love was real.
Did he have regrets? Not a smidge.

Keep Up with the Latest

Not going to Providence for the Summer NABC? You can still follow the action from home with Daily Bulletins and on our Facebook page. Each Daily Bulletin is chockful of news, and we’ll be posting candid pics and winners’ photos on Facebook.

Bonus: Coverage of both the Youth NABC and the Collegiate Bridge Bowl begin later this week!.

Bidding with Your Buddy

There’s a new free weekly bidding contest for ACBL members that goes right to your phone or tablet. It’s a digital diversion for partnerships!

We’ve worked with bid72 to organize ABC, a free challenge for you and your partner. Simply register at, and you’ll automatically receive five hands each week (same style at the “Bidding Box” articles in the Bridge Bulletin).

Afterward you can compare you results with hundreds of other pairs. Click here for the details and to register.

(By the way, the “Bidding Box” hands will be included in ABC two weeks before the corresponding article in the Bridge Bulletin is published.)

Looking for an opportunity to play some face-to-face bridge? Click here to find a face-to-face club in your area or click here to find a tournament to travel to.

Be Our Guest

We’ve gotten a few questions about this, and yes, we are still offering free guest memberships! You can direct your friends and family to this page or tell them to click the “Join” link at the top of the ACBL homepage, which will take to them to a list of membership options.

What does a guest membership get you? 120 days of exclusive benefits, like online access to the Bridge Bulletin, the ability to earn up to 20 masterpoints (which will carry over when they upgrade to a full membership) and weekly emails with bridge tips.

Best of all, guest members receive a special deal of $29 for their first year of regular membership (brand new members only). Help us spread the word!

(Entry) Express Yourself

It’s been a bit of a rough time for bridge tournaments (to put it mildly). If you plan to attend a regional soon, you can help the organizers prepare when you use Entry Express.

This program lets you buy entries ahead of time and lets the committee know if you’re staying at the host hotel. Both valuable details for the tournament organizers!

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