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Hello again! This edition of the Speakeasy is a little long-ish because we get into the smaller details of our website spotlight (last topic).

Bridge in the Desert

The Fall NABC is a little over a month away, and we’re all abuzz here getting ready for a fantastic event.

This NABC will be held in Phoenix, land of abundant sunshine and desert vistas – perfect for when you’re on the precipice of winter.

You can expect tons of bridge for all skill levels, and you’re sure to meet players from all over. You could even share an elevator with a bridge legend(!) if you stay in a host hotel.

Hall of Fame at the Fall NABC

Usually, there is just one yearly induction ceremony for the ACBL Hall of Fame, and it’s held at the Summer NABC. However, things got a little backed up over the last couple of years, so a second one will be held at the Fall NABC in Phoenix.

Join us on Nov. 26 as we honor Chuck Burger, John Swanson, Ron von der Porten, Matt Smith and Dennis Bilde by clicking here and making a reservation.

What’s Your Story?

Speaking of NABCs (a.k.a., the North American Bridge Championships), we’re collecting your favorite stories from these unique events. You may even be featured in an upcoming article or social media post!

So, if you have an NABC story to share – maybe you won your first masterpoint at an NABC or formed a lasting friendship while waiting on results – let us know by filling out this form.

Looking for a place to play in person?

Website Spotlight: It’s Your Call

There are actually two kinds of It’s Your Call features on our website. On BridgeFeed, we post a column from the archives every Tuesday (we also link to it on Facebook for lively debates each week).

The other kind is more contemporary and could get you highlighted in the Bridge Bulletin. You access it through your MyACBL portal.

Once you’re logged into MyACBL, click “It’s Your Call” on the left side. There will be five problems coinciding with those listed in the next month’s magazine. Top scorers for the month are listed in the following issue, and top scorers for the year are published in February. The year’s winner joins the It’s Your Call expert panel for May, June and July. (Keep in mind they use the Bridge Bulletin Standard bidding system.)

Here’s what Bulletin Associate Editor Chip Dombrowski has to say about it: “The question of what do you bid with the 13 cards in your hand is at the heart of the game of bridge. It’s Your Call is fundamentally about that question and the window into expert thinking that you get in the article.”

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