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Peanut butter and jelly. Shampoo and conditioner. Declarer and Dummy. Deck of cards and a hand of bridge. Some things are just meant to go together, you know?

Catching Up and Planning Ahead

It was wonderful to see so many of you in Providence for the Summer NABC! There were 7463 tables and 3207 players winning a total of 73,946.34 masterpoints.

Even if you didn’t attend, be sure to peruse the Daily Bulletins, especially if you’re a newer player. Each day featured helpful info for newcomers from the late Eddie Kantar. The Youth NABC and Collegiate Bridge Bowl are covered, too, and the Youth NABC even has its own section (starts at page 9 on July 21-23, and page 7 on July 24)!

We’ve already got our sights set on Phoenix for the Fall NABC and hope you’ll join us for bridge in the desert. It’s a great place to escape the colder weather of late November/early December. We know it’s hot now, but it won’t stay that way.

Looking for an opportunity to play some face-to-face bridge? Click here to find a face-to-face club in your area or click here to find a tournament to travel to.

BridgeWhiz and Youth

Another round of BridgeWhiz classes (a.k.a., the ACBL Educational Foundation’s online course for ages 11-17) will be starting up again on October 17. Start spreading the word! Click here for the BridgeWhiz flier.

The program also has a new website – – launching on Friday, August 5. Be sure to send your children and grandchildren to the site after it launches so that they can register for class!

Features and Puzzles

There are so many great regular features in the Bridge Bulletin – columns, It’s Your Call, Club News, etc. We look forward to it each month!

We want to point out some really great stories in the August issue. Not only is there a write-up on the USBF Team Trials, but there’s a ton of youth bridge news, including the 2022 King of Bridge and a column from a junior member. Oh, and the Conventional Wisdom series covering the changes to the Convention Card is continuing, too.

Can’t wait for it to be delivered? Get started reading online! Just click here.

Discounts and Deals

Did you know the deals (financial kind, not bridge kind) from our Member Perks program with Abenity update regularly? There’s a ton of new stuff to check out.

We’re particularly excited about the coupon for new shoes at WSS and the bargains on restaurant gift cards. Click here to get to the log in screen and then check out the discounts. You can also sign up for a free account there if you haven’t yet.

Learning and Practicing (Last Chance in 2022!)

Hands-on learning is key to retention and is a big part of ACBL Intro to Bridge courses.

Tell your friends and family not to miss their last chance to take this beginner course in 2022! Send them to this page today.

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