ACBL Bridge Beat #5 – The Bennett Murder makes bridge a popular headline…

September 1929, Kansas City, MO: Bridge makes headlines when Myrtle Bennett shoots and kills her husband, John, after he is unable to make a four spades contract. After the play of the hand goes horribly wrong, the alleged conversation between the husband and wife was as follows:

“You overbid,” said John Bennett.

“You’re a bum bridge player!” said Myrtle Bennett.  To which John Bennett reached across the table and slapped his wife several times and folded up the bridge table.

“Nobody but a bum would hit a woman in the presence of friends!” said Myrtle.

“I’m going to spend the night at a hotel, and tomorrow I’m leaving town,” said John.

John Bennett went to his room to pack a suitcase, but Myrtle Bennett went to pack heat.

(Bridge experts later concluded that the four spades contract could, in fact, have been made!)

John Bennett

Myrtle Bennett

Bennett Murder Trial

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